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for nearly 40 years

Willow Glen Art & Frame commits to the tradition of superior craftsmanship enhanced by innovative modern technology. It is our mission to continuously redefine industry standards of excellence. As a thriving small business in the Willow Glen neighborhood of San Jose, we have clients that live just around the corner from us and potentially in every corner of the world.  Our clients return to us with the knowledge, trust, and confidence that their art will be framed in the finest, safest environment available. We assist clients in their efforts to act as caretakers and custodians of their images. Our staff invests the time to educate new clients about conservation framing and why our product is superior to that from any other framer or digital printer, especially those who claim to be “museum quality” without further details. Our clients quickly learn to view their art collection as a long-term investment to enjoy for generations to come. Most framers use standard sized frames, mediocre materials and haphazard assembly in order to quickly deliver a substandard product at the expense of long-term preservation.

​Willow Glen Art & Frame frames artwork in order to extend the life of your art as long as possible. We are comprised of highly unique individuals who are perfectionists in their area of expertise. Staff members thrive in a work environment that encourages the open exchange of creative ideas to continuously improve workflow and the finished product. Whether it be client care and project planning, taking exacting measurements to ensure a perfect fit working closely with vendors to match finishes. Every detail of your order is overseen with the utmost attention and professionalism. Most staff members have special training in their area of expertise or apprentice with more experienced staff on-site.

Whether you need something framed, printed or installed, Willow Glen Art & Frame can handle the Job. We have been at the same location for almost forty years and we look forward to working with you on your next project!